My Approach

Wedding Photographers always bang on about 'moments'. And your Wedding day will be full of them...

Those hilarious, emotional, calm-before-the-storm hours getting ready with your closest friends. The first time you see each other at the ceremony, hearts skipping a beat, butterflies in your stomachs. Your first kiss, your first dance. The dance floor carnage (one of my favourite things to photograph) and all the little in-between moments too. The hand-squeezes under the table, the stolen glances, the secret kisses.

They’re all the moments you’ll want to relive again and again, because they’re what’ll make your day so special. And they’re the moments I want to capture for you.

My style is 95% documentary, 5% editorial for those Instagram worthy portraits!

Here's an idea of what to expect from a Documentary Wedding Photographer.

Holding Hands Wedding

Natural Documentary Wedding Photographer UK

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South Wales Wedding
Cardiff Wedding Photographer
First Dance Black & White
Elmore Court Wedding Photographer
Reportage Wedding Photographer
Oldwalls Wedding Photographer
Dramatic Wedding Sunset Photo
Bridal Suit
Reportage Photography
Informal Group Shots Wedding
Raw Wedding Photographer
Fun Wedding Photographer
Pembrokeshire Wedding Manorbier Castle
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